Managed Remote Learning Platforms

Learn how Krestomatio can help institutions enable remote learning while facilitating the management and lifecycle of a virtual learning platform.

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Why Krestomatio?

Our primary objective is to offer innovative, efficient and cost-competitive services and solutions to academic institutions and other organizations, using experience, automation and appropriate technologies. The word Krestomatio means “desire or love to learn” in Ancient Greek. It speaks about what we do and how we do it.

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We have been working in the academic sector for more than a decade. Our experience has grown while designing, implementing, deploying, managing and supporting open source learning platforms, related e-learning tools and appropriate system and technologies. Our specialization is in open source tools and platforms, powered by Moodle™, of all sizes: small, medium and large.

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We believe in Automation. It is key in meeting our primary goal of offering efficient and cost-effective services and solutions. We aimed to automate as much as posible, any stage in the lifecycle of a platform. For that, we practice Infrastructure as Code and rely heavily in automation tools like Ansible, Orchestration, Cloud services and Cloud technologies.

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Appropriate technologies

We focus on using the appropriate technologies within the many options available. Taking advantage of the experience we have in many of them, we evaluate, choose and/or recommend the most relevant according to the client needs. It also allows us to offer our services in Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud and/or on-premise.

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Words from our people

I've seen first-hand the urgent need for educational institutions to have a tool that simplifies or focuses their work on teaching. Professors, teachers and even technical staff have limited knowledge on how to install and manage virtual classroom platforms.

Job Céspedes Ortiz Job Céspedes Ortiz
Co-Founder and Senior Engineer

The current market offers different options; however, many of them lack relevant learning activities or do not allowed to carry out all the different tasks according to the user’s needs.

Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz

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Latest Posts

Krestomatio Receives Seed Capital Funds

Krestomatio has been selected for seed capital funds as part of the PITS 2021 program of AUGE, an entrepreneurship agency and business incubator in Costa Rica. We are very grateful for the financial support and mentoring.

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz

Our solution

At Krestomatio, we saw an opportunity to solve the need of educational institutions for some degree of virtuality, even before the new normal. Consequently, we created the M4e Operator, a tool that comes to facilitate the management and life cycle of a platform for a virtual learning mode.

, by Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz

Present Challenges

With all the changes this new normal has brought, educational institutions, teachers, students and even parents have had to face new challenges to teach or take online classes. It might have been a burdensome time but a growth opportunity for sure. And we, at Krestomatio, believe that growth should not be distressing.

, by Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz