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The word Krestomatio comes from ancient Greek. It means “desire or love to learn”. We call our company that way because it speaks of what we do and how we do it. Our first project is aimed at educational institutions or independent users requiring a virtual classroom platform for remote learning with no operations. Our primary objective is to offer innovative, efficient and cost-competitive services and solutions to them and to many others, using experience, automation and appropriate technologies.

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Job Céspedes Ortiz

Job Céspedes Ortiz

Co-Founder and Senior Engineer

He has more than a decade of experience designing, implementing, managing and automating infraestructure, platforms and systems.

Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz

Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz


She is an entrepreneur with experience on different professional work fields: GIS, Geography, Disaster Risk Reduction, Bussines and Projects management, and Tourism

Christopher Suárez Ortiz

Christopher Suárez Ortiz

Front-End Developer and Product Designer

He is an experienced developer in many areas but mainly in the front-end, who loves good UX and good-looking UIs

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