When the idea of Krestomatio emerged, the first problem identified was the additional burden on teachers, instructors, and even technical staff to install and manage e-learning platforms and carry out activities on them. The current market offers different options; however, many of them lack relevant learning activities or do not allowed to carry out all the different tasks according to the user’s needs.

Ideally, a teacher or academic institution should have access, in one single place, to all the essential tools to teach in a virtual classroom for an entire period of time (quarter, trimester, semester). However, most virtual platforms do not offer all the basic tools in one place. For example, a teacher uses web conferencing from one system or platform and then have to access another for an activity like a discussion, assignment or quiz (if available). He could use Zoom to teach and record his/her lessons. When his/her need to create an asynchronous activity, they must use another type of system or platform like Teams or Classroom. Yet, he/she could be still limited in terms of submitting evaluations.

For the reasons explained before, one of the main goals of our service is to integrate different learning tools like quizzes, assignments, forums, external services such as Zoom and Teams, among others, within one eLearning platform. It means that from one single place, users will have access to all the necessary tools for a class, emulating a conventional classroom, without the need to install or manage three or four different virtual platforms. Basically, through the virtual operator, the customer can have all the essential tools of a virtual classroom. This simplifies the work of educational institutions and teachers, enabling the effective development of online classes, leaving time for professors to focus on teaching.