The “Moodle Operator” is a software that enables an eLearning platform powered by Moodle™ . It has different essential tools to teach and learn. The set of tools is customizable and allows integration with existing third-party services (already contracted by the client). It automates the installation and simplify the maintenance and customization of the virtual learning platform, offering educational institutions the possibility of not worrying about it, so they can focus their resources on the main teaching objective.

The operator is licensed as an open source project. Among the benefits of releasing the operator in that way are faster acceptance, greater collaboration, and constant improvement by a community. Being freely available, any user can utilize it, install it, and improve it, making contributions to its development. This is of utmost importance to us as the main developers of the operator, since learning must be accessible to everyone and providing knowledge is essential in our business.

Among the services we offer, the installation and management of the operator is one of our main focus. Being proponents and active members of the project, we can offer installation packages and technical support to those institutions or people that require it. We want to address the primary need detected in the education sector: lack of technical knowledge about the installation and use of online virtual platforms. And we want to be leaders among initiatives to solve it. We believe that with the operator adoption, whether or not our services are contracted, we all win. Krestomatio services for the operator installation, support and maintenance will be available to those who prefer experience and leadership.