Open Source vs Proprietary Learning Management Systems

Open Source vs Proprietary LMS

In the realm of online learning, selecting the right Learning Management System (LMS) is paramount. This article compares Open Source and Proprietary LMS options to help with decision making.

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
LMS Moodle Operator Image

Introducing LMS Moodle Operator

Discover the LMS Moodle Operator, an open-source Kubernetes Operator by Krestomatio, designed to simplify Moodle™ LMS deployment on Kubernetes clusters. This meta-operator automates the LMS full stack, including web, database, caching, enabling effortless self-hosting on Kubernetes.

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
5 Signs You Need a Managed Service for Moodle LMS

5 Signs You Need a Managed Service for Moodle™ LMS

Is managing your e-learning platform overwhelming? Krestomatio can help! Our managed service for Moodle LMS allows you to create an ideal learning environment with easy setup and automatic updates. Leave IT problems behind and focus on teaching!

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
Krestomatio Subscription Plans Announcement

Subscription Plans

Our beta phase wrapped up on February 29th, 2024, and we're grateful for your invaluable feedback that helped us refine the service. Subscription plans are now available. Visit our plans page to learn more!

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
Public beta announcement

Krestomatio Public Beta

Join us during our Open Public Beta phase and gain access to dedicated e-learning platforms, powered by and optimized for Moodle™ LMS. Be a part of our journey as we actively develop innovative improvements, driven by your invaluable feedback.

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
Seed Capital Funds Announcement

Krestomatio Receives Seed Capital Funds

Krestomatio has been selected for seed capital funds as part of the PITS 2021 program of AUGE, an entrepreneurship agency and business incubator in Costa Rica. We are very grateful for the financial support and mentoring.

, by Job Céspedes Ortiz
Moodle Operator Image

Our solution

At Krestomatio, we saw an opportunity to solve the need of educational institutions for some degree of virtuality, even before the new normal. Consequently, we created the Moodle Operator, a tool that comes to facilitate the management and life cycle of a platform for a virtual learning mode.

, by Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz

Present Challenges

With all the changes this new normal has brought, educational institutions, teachers, students and even parents have had to face new challenges to teach or take online classes. It might have been a burdensome time but a growth opportunity for sure. And we, at Krestomatio, believe that growth should not be distressing.

, by Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz

Krestomatio and Remote Learning

During the last months, what we knew as normal has changed its meaning. Educational institutions have had to adapt and take advantage of learning approaches that help maintain social distance. In this context, and in response to the need of continuing with the learning process, whether remotely or virtually, Krestomatio develops a tool that simplifies remote learning for Educational Institutions.

, by Flor de Liz Céspedes Ortiz