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Self-Hosted Moodle™ LMS

Krestomatio Kubernetes Operators provide a way to automate the installation and management of Moodle ™, a popular open-source learning management system (LMS). This empowers educational institutions to set up their own remote learning platform without relying on third-party vendors. Moodle LMS offers a vast array of e-learning tools, including forums, quizzes, assignments, and video conferencing, enabling educators to create a feature-rich virtual classroom. Krestomatio Operators simplify the process of deploying Moodle LMS on Kubernetes , a container orchestration platform that facilitates scalability and efficient resource utilization.



Open Source

These Kubernetes Operators are open-source, freely available for anyone to use, install, and improve upon. By releasing the operators as open-source, Krestomatio contributes to making learning accessible universally. We believe that knowledge sharing is essential, and open-source projects are a cornerstone of this philosophy. It fosters faster acceptance, wider adoption, and continuous development by the community.

Source Code

Managed services

Our Managed Service

For the most convenient way to host a dedicated and optimized Moodle LMS, consider our managed service. This service completely abstracts away the underlying infrastructure and operational complexities of hosting Moodle LMS. This allows development and system administration teams to focus on core competencies like application development, content creation, and user management. Krestomatio’s managed service automatically provisions, configures, optimizes, and maintains your Moodle LMS, ensuring a production-grade platform that is scalable, secure, and up-to-date.


Frequently Asked Questions

In an IT context, a Kubernetes Operator is a software component that automates tasks such as installation, update, configuration, and customization of applications running on Kubernetes. In the case of Krestomatio Kubernetes Operators, the application being managed is the Moodle LMS.

The LMS Moodle Operator is a meta-operator acting as the central component, automating the deployment and management of Moodle LMS instances. It manages the entire Moodle LMS stack through the respective Operators for components like the database and caching layer.

By automating Moodle LMS deployment and management, Kubernetes Operators can free IT staff from the burden of maintaining the virtual platform. This frees up valuable resources to focus on the core educational mission.

The Krestomatio Kubernetes Operators themselves are open-source and free to use. Krestomatio offers optional services such as installation packages and technical support for a fee.

While some Kubernetes knowledge is beneficial, Krestomatio Operators are designed to simplify the process of deploying Moodle LMS on Kubernetes. The documentation and support offered by Krestomatio can help users with limited Kubernetes experience get up and running.

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